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What can you find on this website?

You may visit pages about cross stitch: there are some of my finished works and my current works, my work in progress,  you'll be able to run their course because I'm updating my website nearly every day.

In the news page you can see daily or mothly updatings.

I've already pubblished some pictures of my dolls. Finally I could publish a section about patchwork too. And there are some free patterns  for cross stitch and monthly a new one!

And I decided to publish something about my first hobby: reading. In the salottino's pages I'm talking about my reading, my favourite books and my top ten.

Unfortunately I have not been able to traslate every page in English yet, but I'm going to do so as soon as possible. Come and visit my website again because you'll find more things soon!

Thank you and enjoy yourself!

WRITE ME to ask everything, I'll answer as soon as possible


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